Would you prefer a meringue or a million pounds?

What does happiness mean to you? Take a moment and imagine what you think would make you happy. Really get into the moment, see what it looks like, hear what it sounds like, feel what it feels like and maybe even spend the rest of the day just pretending as if you had that thing! A million pounds? A happy relationship? A donut and latte? Health?

It is such an elusive thing – how do we know when we have achieved it. Yet it’s what we aspire to; the pinnacle of achievement, my highest intention.

My happiness this week revolved around eggs. I had had a great evening with a friend discovering how easy it is to make hollandaise sauce (not) which left me with a million egg whites. Yes we did have to have a few goes! And yes, ok, we are not exactly the Nigella Lawson of Ascot so it didn’t all work out first time. But we did have a lot of giggles and it did give us the feel-good factor. A sense of accomplishment if you will.

Having created the hollandaise I was left with lots of egg whites – and what I ask you, do you do with egg whites? Why you make meringues of course! The pleasure it gave me to create something that usually would be chucked out was immense… so for the first time in my life, I created meringues and they are quite delicious – sorry they WERE quite delicious! The happiness quotient might not have reached the mind-blowing 10 out 10 but it certainly made me happy!

And finally people booking onto the Weight Loss course starting 31st January, that ultimately would make me VERY VERY happy 😉

About Hypnotherapy Ascot

I'm an NLP Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer. I am very interested in how the mind works and how it works so beautifully with the body to create all sorts of things which we want. We might not know we want it but our mind does ;)
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