Are you jumping for joy?

Are You Jumping For Joy?

“It really is that time of year isn’t it?” How many times have you heard that? And it really is a bit obscure – what is that time what does that mean?  I guess it means the time when nights are long – and days are short.  The inevitable comment then follows “I can’t believe it is already dark, it is only half four in the afternoon!” And we all start wishing for March (in the UK) when the nights grow longer.

Let’s start jumping for joy NOW that we live in a world where we can do so many things which we take for granted but in other parts of the world they are forbidden or not possible.

Let’s start jumping for joy because:

We can jump in a car and drive down to the shops to pick up a loaf of bread and a pint of milk and within 15 minutes be back at home and with a hot cup of milky coffee in one hand and toast in the other.

Let’s start jumping for joy because:

We live in a free society where we can say what we want – generally! We don’t have to look over our shoulders in case we say something anti-establishment and someone takes us away from our family and friends, never to be heard of again!

Let’s start jumping for joy because:

We have food on our table and drink in our glasses. OK – we might not have tables but we have chairs and laps to our food on!

Let’s start jumping for joy because WE ARE VERY LUCKY! “Lucky” you say? Yes we create luck, we live with luck, we choose our luck and we choose our response to all opportunities which might appear! We do need to learn however to be aware of an opportunity when it arises.  Too often we ignore what is plainly in front of our noses until it is too late. But more of that another time 🙂

Let’s start jumping for joy because:

We can read this blog and any other blog we want via the wonderful media that is the computer and the internet. And if we have not got the gift of sight we can hear this blog via another computer application which will verbalise the written word! Pretty cool eh?

This week has been a pretty amazing one. I have chosen to not work for a particular client and this has just opened up a whole heap of exciting and interesting opportunities flooding into my in-box and in my diary! It is a scary thing to do – not work for someone when you have established a relationship with them – but in this case it sure feels good.  They didn’t work even vaguely close to my value system, my beliefs or my morals and I have therefore chosen not to work for them any longer.  And for that:


About Hypnotherapy Ascot

I'm an NLP Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer. I am very interested in how the mind works and how it works so beautifully with the body to create all sorts of things which we want. We might not know we want it but our mind does ;)
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1 Response to Are you jumping for joy?

  1. Lee Tuckett says:

    Love this – and it’s all so true, sometimes you have to believe and have faith. It might be a risk but if you’re positive good things really do come along. Big yourself up and positive mental attitude goes a very long way.

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