Why butterflies? I have recently been contemplating time and how we use it and how we abuse it.  What do you spend your life doing? Waiting?  Wishing? Complaining?  Or fluttering from flower to flower and enjoying the smells and the tastes of each and every one just like butterflies?

They don’t measure their time in years but in days or weeks! You question my knowledge on that? Well let me tell you that following extensive research (ha ha! – don’t you love the internet) I have learnt that:-

The average life span of a butterfly is usually about one month.  You think that is a short time well the smallest butterflies which you see feasting on the flowers in your garden will usually only live about one week.  Did you know that generally little butterflies don’t live as long as the bigger butterflies?

Can you imagine if we only had a month to live what would we do? I think we all know that we would enjoy every single moment? If we were butterflies then we would fly from flower to flower and enjoy the nectar? Too often we spend time wishing for the weekend or we look forward to holidays. How often do you say “I can’t wait for …. My birthday/My holiday/Pay Day” and so on – we simply wish our time away.

We don’t give ourselves time for ourselves. We don’t relax enough! We spend an awful lot of time running from one thing to another with no time to even breathe or enjoy what we are currently doing, whatever that is. The other day I was in the proverbial “Ladies” and went to dry my hands on the electric hand dryer that we find in these places and I was so impatient with the little trickle of breath that came out that I harrumphed and thought “I don’t have the time to wait for my hands to dry on that – I’ll get some tissue paper and use that” quite frankly that was ridiculous! The fact that I didn’t even have 10-20 seconds – SECONDS to wait and breathe and dry my hands is just nonsensical.  Not really a big deal but it pulled me up and made me think about the value we put on time.

I intend to take time from now on! If I want a nice long shower – I shall do it.  If I want to sit in the sunshine doing nothing apart from watching the birds and the bees and the butterflies – I shall do it.

Take a moment and contemplate…. You know what? Just take a moment… and breathe…. and notice what is going on around you.

Enjoy – until the next time – in happiness.

About Hypnotherapy Ascot

I'm an NLP Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer. I am very interested in how the mind works and how it works so beautifully with the body to create all sorts of things which we want. We might not know we want it but our mind does ;)
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