How to Network or Not?

What’s been happening to me the last couple of weeks? I’ve been a busy bunny! I’ve had a combination of training work and some hypnotherapy clients.  I’ve been helping people with their Microsoft issues – training people to use Microsoft Office and giving them confidence at the same time to improve their productivity at work.  I have also been training some other lovely souls in Communicating Effectively! And listening properly!

I’ve had a great time – I love doing the work I do and I also love networking and of course, that is where a lot of my work comes from.  For me, it is all about you! I’m fascinated by how we all communicate and of course good coffees are always welcome and believe me, I’m pretty buzzed with all that coffee! J

And whilst I have been doing a lot of face to face networking the Communication & Listening course kept echoing around me – why don’t people listen – it would help so dramatically in their networking experience?

I think that there is often a sad lack of networking etiquette! So I have decided to put together a few principles of networking! Can we call it Netiquette? Or has that been previously picked up on?

  1. Take time to listen! Be interested in what other people are doing and have to say.  I think this is the most important of all because if you listen then you will hear!
  2. Do not talk AT me!
  3. Introduce yourself courteously “Hi, my name is Tina Williams – what’s yours?”  Do NOT thrust a card in my face immediately.  I could have just gone online and connected that way without even bothering to get dressed, put makeup on, look smart, drive to the meeting or event and then stood around  chatting but then of course we would have missed out on the coffee experience.  But seriously take your time!
  4. Follow ups after the meeting are great, they show how efficient you can be BUT…
  5. Do not hassle me after the event. If I say “I will get in touch – if I am interested”. I will. Might take a while. Might have to meet you again. But if I need you, believe me I will be in touch.
  6. Do not send bulk emails. No one wants them in their in-boxes. Although, really, we are all very familiar with the “Delete” button, rather than getting angry just use it – I do! And if available just press the unsubscribe button.

Put these in the order in which you think they are most important?

Next time: more about how to use body language to help you connect!

About Hypnotherapy Ascot

I'm an NLP Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer. I am very interested in how the mind works and how it works so beautifully with the body to create all sorts of things which we want. We might not know we want it but our mind does ;)
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