Don’t Be Sad!

Don’t Be Sad!

 “Hi Tina just wanted to say thank you for tonight. I feel very light and happy after my session.  A sort of contentment that I haven’t had in a long while. Life feels good and I don’t have to worry constantly!! Thank you

Testimonial from an obviously happy client

It’s a funny thing how some of the most serious issues are often the easiest to deal with. I think it may be because clients imagine that heavy things like depression are really difficult to overcome and actually that is not necessarily true.  Sometimes the biggest things are the easiest to deal with, certainly from a hypnotherapeutic with NLP perspective.  I am certainly not downgrading the very real feelings of “being sad” and not being able to get out of bed – I am just saying that you might be surprised at how quickly those emotions can be changed.

“I felt my last session with you helped me feel so much better about me, my life and my confidence in general! I kept feeling waves of happiness and not so much worry about my life in general!! Thank you!”

I love dealing with clients who have depression AND who want to feel better.  There are lots of really simple, common sense and obvious techniques and here are a few that I would like to share with you. Try these before you even feel the black cloud descending! Do this on a regular basis!

  • Make sure you get yourself outside into the fresh air – or even not so fresh air! If you live in the city – find a quiet spot, a park bench, and some greenery and BREATHE and LISTEN. And be still.
  • Think of something to be grateful for every day. It could be as simple as having a roof over your head, fresh water from the tap –some people do not even have that luxury or having people around you who care for you.
  • Work out what your favourite music or movie or even book is! Think about it! Why does it make you happy! If you can’t find “the one” that is fine just one that makes you happy and smile is enough.  Maybe if you have it close by – watch it, read it again or listen to it. Do it NOW!

And sometimes you have to take the hidden compliments:

“Hey Tina, great news I got the job! What you did must’ve had an effect I guess, so thank you very much lol.  Would like to book another appointment…..”

Let me know how you feel.

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