Dry January?

Is January really over, already? For those doing a “Dry January” I guess it has been quite a long month. I hope that you have re-focused yourselves and feel ready to take on the year – rather than just binge drink for February and the rest of the year (making up for “dry” January!) How are the rest of your resolutions working out?

Here are a few testimonials from clients this year:-

“I am so very grateful to you for all your help and continued help in the new year.” JB – came to me for weight loss and increased this persons self esteem dramatically (apparently)!

“what you have done for xxx is working wonders and I was hoping to be able to lose weight with your help.” CB – a client referral – always love those!

“I found the flights much less fearful than before – almost enjoyable, I could say. And better on the way back, for some reason. I’m not sure which technique was the more effective, but I used both!” HH – Helped this person with fear of flying – enjoyable she said, wow!

I look forward to hearing from you and being able to make a change for you too 🙂

About Hypnotherapy Ascot

I'm an NLP Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer. I am very interested in how the mind works and how it works so beautifully with the body to create all sorts of things which we want. We might not know we want it but our mind does ;)
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