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Dry January?

Is January really over, already? For those doing a “Dry January” I guess it has been quite a long month. I hope that you have re-focused yourselves and feel ready to take on the year – rather than just binge … Continue reading

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Who are you NOT to be brilliant?

I love this quote.  I have always thought that the amazing and wonderful Nelson Mandela said it, but as you notice at the bottom it has been mis-attributed to him for years and I am pleased to say I was … Continue reading

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Is Flirting Harmless?

Does flirting make you unfaithful to your partner? Are you scared of flirting? Do you think it is a precursor to something else? I would say NO, NO and NO again! Is Flirting Harmless? Yes indeed it can be! I’m … Continue reading

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If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Be!

How often do we try and make things happen to realise that it hasn’t worked or actually it hasn’t worked how we wanted it to work?  Can we actually choose? Did you try to get a job only to discover … Continue reading

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More on Networking #3!

So *she asks curiously* since my last blog how has the “following-up” been going? Just take a moment to think – Have you rung the people who you said you would ring? Have you put a date in the diary … Continue reading

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How to Network or Not – Part Two?

Did you read my last blog about networking and some simple thoughts on how to make it work for you? Since then I have come across several “Networking Virgins” who (bless them) look so nervous when they walk in to … Continue reading

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How to Network or Not?

What’s been happening to me the last couple of weeks? I’ve been a busy bunny! I’ve had a combination of training work and some hypnotherapy clients.  I’ve been helping people with their Microsoft issues – training people to use Microsoft … Continue reading

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